Organizing Working at Home and Motherhood

Many women are looking to work from home so that they can combine motherhood and income earning. It can be very stressful for a mother, especially with small children, to be leaving the home and going out to work.

Having a home based income allows you to be a hands-on parent and contribute to the family income at the same time. The pressure for a woman with small children, to be working away from home, is immense. To be near at hand can be so much better for all concerned. Certainly it does take some organizing to be successful, but it definitely can be achieved.

Cities are extending further and further out, so people are taking longer, and longer, to commute to work. It really can be harrowing for a women to spend extra hours commuting when she feels she should be home with the children. If at any time she is needed by the children because of illness, a long commute can create many extra problems.

With the age of the internet, women can work out of the office and take work home or, they can set up a business for themselves working at home, and on the internet. Another option is to develop a hobby into a business, or even start something new which may require some study.

When turning a hobby into a business you are working with something that you already enjoy, and if you are enjoying your work you will find it easier to push through the difficult times.

Combining work and parenting. It is not unrealistic for a women to turn a hobby, or a ‘special interest’, into a home based business. By doing this she is working with something that she already knows and likes. A woman can still work quite rigid hours around her family life, and there are many women working very successfully from home and earning quite exceptional money.

Suggestions for home based work. Many hobbies are expanded into income producing businesses, and this is often a very successful way to make a living. There are hobbies like sewing, candle making, soap making, hairdressing and cooking to name a few that can bring in a good income.

‘Special interests’ like making organic skin products, or making cleaning products, can be done very successfully at home. These types of businesses can take off and rise to quite successful heights. There are a number of quite large operations around now that started as small home businesses in the first instance. The beauty of these types of business with huge potential, is that the business can grow as your responsibilities on the home front lessen.

Other special interest money earners could be body massage, beauty therapy, growing flowers or pot plants, or such work as copywriting.

If you have any qualifications for looking after children you may be able to set up some sort of child care at home. With this particular income earner you will need to check on local authority regulations.

Local Authority Regulations. In fact, you will need to check on any local regulations anyway, but in most cases, unless you have clients visiting the house, have toxic products or a high noise factor, there are not usually any problems when running a small business from home. There are some small businesses that the local authorities will not allow, so make sure of this before you outlay any money.

In summing up, if you are wanting to go down the path of setting up a business from home, research several options, work out how long it will be before you starting making money, then start putting the wheels into motion. Remember being organised in your business model will make dealing with your family obligations so much easier.

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Juggling Work and Motherhood With a Newborn

Juggling work and motherhood has been an age-old challenge. Women have been trying to find that perfect balance since the beginning of time. It is not an easy task to do both with a newborn and it is ridden with great feelings of guilt. Knowing you are not alone is the key to overcoming those feelings.

The majority of mothers used to stay at home and strictly take care of the babies and the household. Today, the majority of families need both parents to have an income in order to stay financially afloat.

Mothers are forced to leave a newborn either at home with a nanny or family member, or at a daycare. An average maternity leave is about six weeks with most companies that even offer it. It is advantageous at this point in life to either have a job that you can do from home or have a husband that makes enough money for you to stay home for an extended period of time.

Either way, a newborn is a full-time job and to be successful at both, you will need help. When you are working, you will feel guilty that you are not with your baby and when you are with your baby, you will feel neglectful of your work. It is almost inevitable. Women are blogging, emailing, and talking about it in mommy groups across the world.

One of the most important things you can do to lessen the feelings of guilt is to talk to other moms in the same situation. Talking about it and hearing about it from someone else going through the same thing will help you to at least understand that you are not alone in the struggle. It makes a big difference to hear someone else talk about the same feeling you are having.

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